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Easy Peasy Learn with Me is a unique educational platform relying heavily on cognitive and developmental psychology strategies. Easy Peasy Learn with Me, understands the complexity of todays educational system, and acknowledges that there is no one single learning approach that works for all! This is the reason why Easy Peasy relies heavily on psychologists working in the field of education. Easy Peasy focuses on classifying, and studying learning methods, to better understand how children absorb and retain new information. Easy Peasy also applies theories of human development, to better understand not only individual learning limitations, but also the instructional process involved.

Easy Peasy’s goal is to work with various psychology subfields, to identify approaches and strategies that make learning not just more effective, but also appealing to all parties involved: educators and children alike! Easy Peasy utilizes the wealth of knowledge and information provided by applied Educational Psychology which than Easy Peasy recounts to improve the learning process in children of a variety of the cognitive spectrum: from savant children to children with learning challenges, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or dyslexia. Easy Peasy learning tools and books are very deliberately designed, leaving nothing to chance. Every word, every page, and every color hue in the beautiful illustrations are specifically chosen to entice a young mind to learn. From the high-quality book contents / materials, down to the last podcast and educational seminars offered or endorsed by Easy Peasy, you can count on the absolute newest and cutting-edge way of learning!

The Lisa and Brass Adventures Series

The Lisa and Brass Adventures Series:
A collection of 6 beautiful books designed to engage young minds of children into the wonderful world of learning. The four main adorable characters found in Lisa and Brass Adventure Series, are specifically designed, and carefully tailored to represent Hippocrates four main categories allocated for children:

Sanguine (carefree and optimistic cherry blossom fairy Lisa),
Choleric (strong-willed and competitive acorn fairy Brass),
Melancholic (studious and detail-oriented dragon Red Aiden), and
Phlegmatic (thoughtful, attentive, and diplomatic dragon Bonnie Blue).

Through the careful crafting of each character, J.D. Michaels ensured that an unbelievable 96 % of all children in the world are able to relate to one or more characters from the Lisa and Brass Adventure Series. This will give parents and educators alike, a valuable insight in the most effective teaching methods and strategies based on children’s unique individual personality types. This relatability, along with J.D. Michaels’ subtle utilization of various time-tested Educational Psychology theories and techniques, proved again and again to be invaluable for children’s positive start in their early academic years. J.D. Michaels is Canada’s very own educational psychologist and children’s book writer! The beautifully written rhymes are designed to help short- and long-term memory muscle development. Her work is the perfect gift for expectant parents, young children, and older kids alike. This series is guaranteed to improve penmanship for all children, regardless of age and or faced challenges, such as dyslexia and or ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder).

Our Books and Educational ProDucts

The Quest Into Alphabet

( A Lisa and Brass Adventure )

The Quest into Alphabet
(A Lisa and Brass Adventure)

In the Ambitious Quest to Save the Fading, Magical Fairy Land, Two Adorable Dragons, a Sassy Cherry Blossom Fairy Girl, and a Sullen Acorn Fairy Boy Meet…

The 26 stanza poem tells an easy-to-memorize, magical and fun adventure about a fading Fairy Land. The book is a perfect find for parents emotionally preparing their children to face the struggle of growing up as school approaches.

The book is a successful attempt at introducing children to life lessons to face and overcome.

The adventure book is written in simple language and beautiful rhymes for children to easily memorize: a proven technique to help develop numerous neural pathways and enable kids to succeed in their academic careers from an early age.

The writing style and the story are infused with a deliberate and well-tried educational methodology that utilizes several approved techniques such as LOCI and Eye movement desensitization.

The book imagery has been meticulously designed and synchronized to captivate the young readers’
attention, making them fall in love with reading already at an early age.

The Lisa and Brass Adventure books will activate children’s imaginations, all the while offering them
answers to problems they will inevitably face: school, growing up and increased responsibilities. Realizing that other people, including their favorite fictional characters, must face similar challenges, children will become more motivated and positive when solving problems they may encounter while socializing or learning.
The book will:

● Capture children’s attention and activate their imagination
● Help to prepare children emotionally for new situations in life such as kindergarten or school
● Develop children’s memory skills, focusing on easy and engaging rhymes
● Expending children’s vocabulary and social skills

If you’re seeking an outside source to help you prepare children to overcome obstacles while developing
imagination and learning through images and context, The Quest into Alphabet, The Lisa and Brass Adventures will not disappoint.

The Quest Into Alphabet

Coloring Book Edition

( A Lisa and Brass Adventures )

The much-anticipated Lisa and Brass Adventure Coloring Book that will not disappoint!  This beautifully illustrated book is of the highest quality, and an absolute joy for parents and children alike. Here are just a few benefits and skills this book promotes:

1)    Hand-Strength! This book helps develop the hand strength children need for all hand related fine motor skills, especially handwriting.

2)    Pencil Grip! This book aids and supports both hand strength and proper grip practice.

3)    Creativity! This book helps stimulate the creative centers in children’s minds. Shapes, colors and imagined stories are all present when a child is coloring! This is true even when children color the same favorite pictures over and over.

4)    Self Expression! When coloring, children engage their independence and self-expression.  Through their choices, children are consciously or subconsciously expressing themselves or their emotions.

5)    Fine Motor Coordination!

6)    Focus!  Coloring is an excellent exercise to build focus.  Focus is an important skill for both children’s academic and professional careers. As your child’s focus develops, the drawings and colorings will become more intricate and precise.

 J. D. Michaels is a masterful writer, and skilful storyteller, drawing children into an irresistible imaginary world, where fairies, dragons and all kinds of beautiful creatures come into existence!

The Ultimate storybook of the alphabet

( A Lisa and Brass Adventures )

THE ULTIMATE STROYBOOK OF THE ALPHABET: A Lisa and Brass Adventure is a one-of-a-kind book! Each letter of the alphabet has its own story. The stories are funny, silly, and heartfelt rhymes, that are above all else: memorable! In true Michaels’ style, the stanzas and images are created in a synergy, utilizing both the Link Method and the Method of Loci. These tactics allows children to learn the alphabet quickly, encouraging each child to advance at their own pace. Individually, both these learning tools are powerful memory enhancers. As a duo, they become a formidable and cutting-edge tool, training young minds to memorize with ease, and learn at a rapid rate. Along with memorization, the utilization of these mnemonics, also aid in the healthy development of both the size and function of memory related brain structure. This is imperative for children’s academic success!

Let’s Learn to Write Printed Letters

The Ultimate Practice Book 

The Ultimate Practice Book  for Girls

The Ultimate Practice Book for Boys 

Easy Peasy Learn With Me has done it again!!! A beautifully designed workbook for children of all ages. Recommended for toddlers, preschoolers, and children with learning disabilities. This practice book is also ideal for older children who already mastered writing skills but has disorganized, and/or illegible handwriting.

1) Premium quality, smooth and bright white pages.
2) The very first page is a beautiful, personalized dedication page, making this practice book the perfect memento or keepsake of early years.
3) Children will find many of the endearing characters, form the beloved J. D. Michaels’ Lisa and Brass Adventures!
4) Children can trace each letter, starting at 1 and following the numbers in order, by paying attention to the arrows. The dotted middle line will help children shape and space the printed letters properly.
5) Children will put their skills to use in practice lines designed to gradually increase penmanship competence, util dexterity is perfected and effortlessly embedded in both long-term and muscle memory.
6) The last page is a beautifully designed “Certificate of Completion”, children can proudly display and showcase.

Like all Easy Peasy Learn With Me books, “Let’s Learn To Write Printed Letters” is the Ultimate Practice Book for learning and strengthening penmanship. Canada’s very own J. D. Michaels, brilliantly employs educational psychology principals, creating the most advantageous tools children utilize to develop the core skills needed for writing. J.D. Michels leans on studies highlighting the fundamental insight developed in children’s early years through instruction of the alphabetic principle, and the understanding that there is a systematic relationship between letters and sounds, (Adams 1990); and Gibson and Levin (1975).
J. D. Michaels’ practice books, exclusive to Easy Peasy Learn With Me, contain the most sought after, practical principles employed in prestigious private schools worldwide. “Let’s Learn To Write Printed Letters” are the perfect practice books for classroom teaching/learning, as well as, home-schooling. 

Who is J. D. Michaels

About the author

J.D. Michaels A.K.A. Monika C. Csankovszky, graduated from the University of Windsor Ontario Canada, with a double major in Biology and Psychology. Michaels continued with her postgraduate education in the University of Windsor, focusing on Clinical Psychology with a heavy emphasis on Developmental and Educational Psychology. Michaels’ works significantly relied on other fields such as neuroscience, often involving standardised testing to find information about children’s learning skills and abilities.
Michaels’ insight enabled her to gain a unique understanding on how children learned and processed information. She has done this by utilizing different strategies to facilitate a growth experience that is both natural and gratifying, all the while, building powerful bonds between children and their parent/educator.
Throughout her career, Michaels’ passion for Educational and Developmental Psychology only grew. Along with her education, motherhood has also gifted her with an inimitable understanding and insight, to identify strengths and weaknesses not only in children, but also in different parental strategies as well.

While her teaching tactics are mainly focusing on classical behavioural approach, Michaels, also subtly utilizes aspects and concepts from Eye Movement Desensitization and Rehabilitation therapy. This combination allows children to grow and learn at an exceptional rate! This unique fusion may also be helpful to both parents and children that deal with learning related anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, bipolar disorders, ADHD and general performance anxiety related stresses. This subtlety used method, allows parents/educators to tap into their children’s exceptional resources, thus giving the flexibility to personalize and build “unique-to-child” strategies, that will overcome children’s challenges and vastly improve their performances.
The books and educational materials created by Michaels, are carefully orchestrated to draw children into an irresistible world of knowledge. With masterfully spun stories, rhymes, poems, and carefully selected and color coordinated illustrations, Michaels was able to masterfully manipulate and coax brilliant learning moments into existence: allowing for an easy and natural development of lifelong skills.

J.D. Michaels